Dr. Eric W. Burkholter
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The development of my career as a therapist resulted from my search for answers to
the debilitating problem that is now known as "chronic fatigue syndrome".

I consider myself 90% recovered and continue to strive for that elusive 10%.

I began my search for health in my late teens and it has been my primary goal
throughout my life and career.

I've been semi-retired for some years and my primary purpose in life is to enjoy it to
the utmost. I didn't get to have much enjoyment of life in my teens and twenties as I was
struggling just to survive.

I do feel strongly about sharing my knowledge and experience with anyone who suffers
from this debilitating problem.

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can assist you, please click on the appropriate buttons below.

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                                                            Yours most respectfully,

   Dr. Eric W. Burkholter

Palm Springs, California