Dr. Eric W. Burkholter
                                  MY HISTORY

My health difficulties appeared in my mid teens. I suffered from a general lethargy and great
difficulty with concentration. School work suffered and I was frequently taken to doctors where
my mother was told I had a touch of a virus, or flue, etc. Usually I was given antibiotics and told
to stay home from school for a few days. Having rested somewhat, and bored with staying home,
I would drag myself back to school though I never really felt good.

After finishing high school (barely getting thru in 4 1/2 years due to missed time and failed
classes) I began to study art.  In art school, I had studies of real interest to me, but still could
not concentrate properly. It was then that I realized that something was definitely wrong with
my health. I saw several doctors who treated me with minimal results. Eventually I was
diagnosed with low blood pressure and hypoglycemia. Treatment for those did relieve my
symptoms a little (30%). At age 19-20 I struggled to try to support myself, but would be so
exhausted after a few months of any steady work that I would have to leave the job.

In my continual such for an answer I read about (and corresponded with ) a doctor on the west
coast (since deceased) who specialized in chronic problems. I struggled thru months of working
midnight to 6am. cleaning the kitchens in a restaurant in order to afford to travel to see him.

His treatment did not cure me, but at least turned me around from a gradual decline of my
health to a very gradual improvement.

A year after first treatment by the west coast doctor I was finally able to hold a steady job. I
worked for a contractor in the Cincinnati area for about a year. It was good to finally hold a
steady job and support myself, but was extremely hard on my physically.

On a journey to the west coast for a follow up visit with the doctor, I took a job in a San Diego
shipyard. I was able to work continuously, but it was still very difficult. At lunch time I would
collapse any where I could (usually on a convenient pile of timbers) and go sound asleep until
the back to work whistle blew. I dragged myself from day to day, usually sleeping 12 hours out
of every 24, and often sleeping almost all weekend to recuperate and be able to get to work
again on Monday. I was glad to be able to support myself after many years of dependence on my
parents. My condition was improving each year, but the rate of improvement was so terribly
slow that it would take more than a lifetime to recover to the level of vitality that I desired.
During this time, I continued my studies of art. (Both researches into the techniques of the
ancient masters and in development of a painting style and technique of my own. )

In the early 1980s I became interested in the holistic health field. I studied at the Mueller
College of Holistic studies in San Diego. After a year of studies there, I moved to the Palm
Springs area where I opened a practice. I continued studying at the College of the Desert
(advanced anatomy.) And, coming to understand the mental aspects of therapy work, I studied
for a year with Dr. Hugh Harmon at his "Institute for Mind Motivation" in Palm Desert. Later I
enrolled in further studies of hypnotherapy in the "American Institute of Hypnotherapy" in
Santa Ana. I finished work on my doctorate in 1993.

In my years of full time practice, I dealt primarily chronic physical problems and stress related

I became more and more disillusioned with a practice dealing with many clients who were not
motivated to do what was good for themselves. Eventually I chose to become semi-retired with a
simple inexpensive life style that allows me to live life for me.

Having always dealt with my own Chronic Fatigue Problem, and understanding the frustrations
and difficulties experienced by anyone with this problem, I am willing to extend my professional
experience and knowledge to help as many sufferers as possible to recover.

My personal goal in life is to "live life to the fullest every day". I'll be happy to spend a part of
my day helping you to do the same.

                                                                                   Dr. Eric Burkholter