Dr. Eric W. Burkholter
I would very much like to hear from you regarding your experience with chronic
fatigue and to e-mail you information that can help you. Please send me a brief
account of your experience and how you are doing now.
You may contact me at:

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program as the automatic thing is not working right )
The information and advice contained in this (and any
other) communication from me is based upon my
experience in dealing with my own chronic fatigue
problem (since the mid 1960s) and my knowledge and
experienced gained in a career as a therapist. It may or
may not be applicable to you. I cannot, and do not,
diagnose you (or anyone) as having "chronic fatigue" or
any other problem. You know how you feel. Do you want
to feel more energetic? The information I can impart to
you is the best I know of what has worked for me. Any
questions and answer correspondence between you and
me is based upon the assumption that you are entirely
truthful with me.
I respond to all inquiries personally.

I'm occasionally traveling and out of
contact with the Internet.
I'll be responding to your inquiry as
soon as I'm able to do so.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

I remain,

       Yours most respectfully,

Dr. Eric W. Burkholter         
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